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In South America, beer consumption is 660% higher than that of other drinks. That happens for a number of reasons. But most importantly, major cultural norms – Young adults buy beer to fit in with everyone else at parties, even if they don’t want to drink beer.

To launch mike’s in these new markets, we needed to win over these young adults who drank beer to fit in.The problem is: it’s practically impossible to compete with beer brand’s massive advertising budgets. The good news is: Gen-Z is 6X more likely to try new kinds of alcohol.Since young adults buy beer just to fit in, we realized we didn’t have to fight beer. We just neeed to tag along.  And position mike’s Hard Lemonade as an alternative for those who end up drinking beer for lack of options. We wanted to show that wherever beer goes, mike’s can go too. And that’s what we did with our campaign. We created…mike’s in a beer world.

Mike's Hard Lemonade

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